Jobi Bouchard, Montreal, Canada
2012, 2013, 2014 1st Place Winner, 2013 People’s Choice Winner
Jobi has won first place in Treasure Island 3 times. Jobi  has the utmost respect from fellow competitors as a very creative and competitive person as well as being just a really nice guy. His ideas are unique and well performed. He travels the world making sand sculptures for commercial events and has competed  in many  competitions throughout the U.S.  Always look for something impressive and unique from this very talented sculptor.

Abe Waterman, Prince Edward Island, Canada
1st time Sanding Ovations competitor

Abe has been creating artwork ever since he was old enough to eat crayons; he considered every new diaper a fresh canvas. Though some may still consider Abe’s output rather colorful, and he may still enjoy a crayola from time to time, he now works mostly on ephemeral mediums, such as sand and snow.


Fergus Mulvaney, Dublin, Ireland
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
Fergus started sand sculpting by chance in 1993 while studying sculpture in Dublin. Since then the medium and culture of sand has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon and has carried him on his ever-widening path from Europe to Australia and Asia to North America. Along the way he’s picked up awards such as 1st , 2nd and four-time Sculptors’ Choice in the Moscow International Sand Championships, 1st in the 2012 Toronto CNE International Sand Masters, 2nd and Sculptors’ Choice in the 2012 San Diego US Sand Sculpting Challenge and 1st in the 2013 and 2014 European Championships in Zandvoort, Holland.
 FergusMulvany Photo. Jpeg
Ilya Filmonstev, Moscow, Russia
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
After studying at the art college in Moscow, he worked as a jeweler/goldsmith designing and making jewelry for 7 years. While working as a jeweler Ilya started making ice sculptures and found he enjoyed the combination of traveling and sculpting. He quit his jewelry job and continued to study sculpture for 6 more years at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute of Surikov. He has been sculpting sand since 2005 while traveling all over the world.
Pavel Mylnikov, Moscow, Russia
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
Pavel  was born in Moscow in 1978. He attended the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum 1989-1996. He furthered his education at the Moscow Academic Art Institute 1996 -2002 and then became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists in 2002.  Some of his sand sculpting awards include  Five-time world champion sand sculptor and 11-time winner of International and Russian sand competitions. He is also a multiple winner of many international and Russian ice and snow competitions.



Andrius Petkus, Vilnius, Lithuania
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
Petkus holds BA and MA degrees in sculpture from Vilnius Academy of Arts. He has had personal exhibitions in Lithuania and has won many competitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Italy, Finland, China, Australia, and the USA. He has participated in art events and festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, France, Holland, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Australia, China, USA, and Germany. Petkus has also organized many international sculpture symposiums and festivals in Lithuania (stone, wood, steel welding, pumpkin carving, fire sculptures and concrete). “I am working, enjoying, and …. winning!” says Petkus.


Jooheng Tan, Singapore
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
Hailed as Vincent Sand Gogh by the Daily mail UK, Singapore sculptor Jooheng Tan fell in love with the art of sand sculpting in the late 90’s. His debut in 2000 saw him attain First prize in the International Sand Sculpting Competition in the Netherlands. As a result of his fueling passion for sand sculpting, Jooheng’s works have been showcased in over 50 cities across more than 20 countries around the world. There are no signs of stopping for this sand sculptor extraordinaire as in front of him lies plenty of prizes and sand sculpting championships, including the world.

Edith van de Wetering, Netherlands
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
When she was young she hated sand in between her toes, but now she could not live without it. She started sculpting sand through her architecture education at the Technical University. For Edith, participating in the sand sculpture festival in Scheveningen started as a hobby, but got out of control very fast. And she has been traveling around the world to built sand, snow and ice sculptures for almost 20 years.

 van de Wetering
Helena Bangert, Netherlands
1st time Sanding Ovations competitor
Before getting involved in the world of sand sculpting Helena Bangert studied at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. She graduated in major sculpting/installation art. The thought of using sand as a medium came first when she was invited to make a sculpture for an exhibition at a retirement home for elderly seaman which located in a small Dutch coastal village. (June 2000)    Gradually sand sculpting has become one of her major activities. ( Ice sculpting since 2004). She designs and makes sand sculptures for various locations both commercial and more art oriented. Helena also worked on several big sand theme parks in Europe for different companies
Sue McGrew, Tacoma, Washington
Returning Sanding Ovations competitor
Sue discovered her passion for sand when she was 16 and this early introduction into the art form makes her one of the youngest professional sand sculptors in the US.   Her flowing organic style and expressive figures have won her a number of competitions.. She also starred on Travel Channel’s Reality TV show “Sand Masters”, a two season program about the worldwide adventures of a group of America’s top sand sculptors.  An artist since childhood with her three dimensional roots in origami, Sue’s first taste of sand sculpting (besides her back yard sand box) came during high school, after which she found herself hopelessly addicted to the ephemeral art form. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA in Theatre- Stage Management, but chose to follow her love of sand and immediately continued her sculpting career after college. Sue continues to grow as an artist of many mediums, but until she tires of living out of a gritty suitcase, she devotes herself to sand, ice, and snow.
Dan Doubleday, Treasure Island, Florida
Organizer & centerpiece sculptor
To Dan, life is an adventure. In his younger years he followed his wanderlust. He has made a living in many occupations over the years. A welder, well driller, computer operator, seafood cannery plant manager, commercial fisherman, lumber mill worker, general contractor, woodworker and corporate president. He started sculpting sand on the beaches of Santa Cruz, CA in 1995 and stuck with that.  In 1996 he met Meredith Corson and settled in Florida with her. He has competed all over the world and has many International titles along with a couple of World Champion wins. He has the utmost respect for his fellow sand sculptors that continue to come up with new techniques and creative ideas that motivate him to keep up with them.
 Doubleday D
Meredith Doubleday, Treasure Island, Florida
Organizer & centerpiece sculptor
Meredith is a World Champion Gold Medalist and has the honor of being the first female to medal at the World Championships. Raised in New Bedford, MA, Meredith relocated to Florida in 1980 and started sculpting sand as a hobby. In 1996 she met Dan Doubleday at a competition. They own ‘Sanding Ovations’ based out of Treasure Island, Florida. They travel the world creating sand sculptures commercially and competitively. They also organize Master competitions throughout the country. Their sculptures are emotional, thought provoking and often striking in their simplicity or at the other end of the spectrum, incredibly detailed.
Deb Barrett-Cutulle, Saugus, Massachusetts
Centerpiece sculptor
A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, she is thrilled to be able to make her living doing what she loves to do.  She has been enjoying her career as an illustrator for over 25 years, creating murals and two Children’s Books “Starbirds Special Gift” and “Princess Pie” with a 3rd book in the works.  She started working with sand in 2005 and just recently competed in her second Master Level Duo Competition at Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Event. “We took ourselves home a medal this year receiving a Peoples Choice Award!” she says. “This is my 5th year here at Treasure Island and it is truly an amazing event. I look forward to it more and more with each passing year!”
Damon Meri, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Centerpiece sculptor
Some time in 2012, while standing on a beach with a cart full of buckets, shovels, sprayers, and a backpack of trowels, Damon realized that sand sculpting had become more than just a hobby.  He participates in local street painting / chalk art festivals and loves to work in mixed media on canvas. “I consider myself very fortunate to now create sculptures for festivals, amusement parks, and in competitions all across the state.”
Damon 4
Ben Doubleday, Treasure Island, Florida
Tech Crew Organizer 
Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Ben relocated to Florida in 2007. He got started in the world of sand by working with his father Dan Doubleday. Ben provides the technical ‘behind the scenes’ work for the centerpiece and for the artists from beginning to end. Starting with distribution of the sand into individual piles for the sculptors, to building the wooden forms, to keeping a constant water supply and assisting the sculptors remove forms, Ben does it all.